[slurm-users] Partition dedicated to batch jobs only

Moshe Mergy moshe.mergy at weizmann.ac.il
Tue May 10 11:45:48 UTC 2022

Thanks a lot René !
It helps me a lot!

An additional question about the log messages from job_submit.lua:

With slurm.log_info(), I want to display the job ID instead of the job name "job_desc.name" in function  slurm_job_submit(),
but I didn't find such a relevant field in the job_desc type.

I find some example scripts using "job_ptr.job.id" or "job_rec.job_id",
but as far as I understand, function slurm_job_submit can not handle parameters other than (job_desc, part_list, submit_uid)

Maybe you have an idea about displaying messages with JOB ID value via slurm_job_submit() ?

Thanks again!

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