[slurm-users] How to run a job at the end of a set of jobs

West, Matthew M.T.West at exeter.ac.uk
Tue May 10 00:27:42 UTC 2022

Hi David,

I would recommend using one of the many workflow management systems (WMS) that can define job dependencies programmatically rather than fuss with base Slurm commands. Some examples I have used or have been recommended to me:

- https://pegasus.isi.edu/
- https://cylc.github.io/
- http://parsl-project.org/
- https://airflow.apache.org/

Each of these runs in production on a number of major projects and has active support from developers. Making a pipeline DAG makes managing jobs and rerunning tests so much nicer. No reason to write from scratch what already exists.

Matt West

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Prologue is a feature whereby I can run something after a single job.  Is there a best practice for running a job after a set of jobs?

We submit a bunch of jobs to a bunch of nodes, and after all the jobs are done, we would like to submit a "utility job" on each node, but it has to be the last job.  What would be the various ways to achieve this?


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