[slurm-users] GrpTRESMins and GrpTRESRaw usage

gerard.gil at cines.fr gerard.gil at cines.fr
Wed Jun 22 16:16:41 UTC 2022


I am using SLURM v 19.05 and I am trying to figure out how the cpu GrpTRESRaw is calculated for a job. 
I would like to use GrpTRESMins to limit a project to an allotted amount of hours. 

If the limitation process works as defined in the documentation my tests show some strange results for the cpu TRESRaw value calculated for a job. 

I thought job's cpu TRESRaw = nb of reserved core X walltime (mn) 

Is there anyone who uses this "feature" and can help me to know if I am facing a "bug" or if the problem comes from my local slurm configuration ? 


[ http://www.cines.fr/ ] 

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