[slurm-users] multifactor priority calculation

z148x at arcor.de z148x at arcor.de
Mon Jun 13 12:58:46 UTC 2022

Dear all,

I noticed different priority calculations by running a pipe, the
settings are for example:


No age factor or something else from the plugin.

The calculated priority for memory and cpus:
mem 1024, cpus 1, priority 25932
mem 123904, cpus 14, priority 38499
mem 251904, cpus 28, priority 20652
mem 251904, cpus 28, priority 14739

gres or gpu was not available on the jobs/instances.

Someone know why the priority changed with the same cpu and mem input?

The priority with these settings should be descending, highest priority
for mem 251904 with cpus 28 and lowest priority for mem 1024 with cpus 1.

Many thanks,


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