[slurm-users] Allow SFTP on a specific compute node

Jake Jellinek jakejellinek at outlook.com
Tue Jul 12 06:56:47 UTC 2022

I cannot think of any way to do this within the Slurm configuration

I would solve this by having a wrapper run at boot time which started a new sshd process on a different port which you secured (ie only that user could connect) and then start this as part of your boot time scripts
If your script was started on one of your ‘special’ machines, start the second instance of sshd…..if not, do nothing

Hope that helps

On 12 Jul 2022, at 05:53, Ratnasamy, Fritz <fritz.ratnasamy at chicagobooth.edu> wrote:


 Currently, our cluster does not allow ssh to compute nodes for users unless they have
a running job on that compute node. I believe a system admin has set up a PAM module
that does the block. Whn trying ssh, this is the message returned:
Access denied by pam_slurm_adopt: you have no active jobs on this node
Connection closed by port 22

However, we would like to allow sftp on a specific compute node for specific users.
Any idea on how to do that?

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