[slurm-users] Add partition to existing user association

Thekla Loizou t.loizou at cyi.ac.cy
Fri Jan 21 14:11:35 UTC 2022

Dear all,

I was wondering if there is a way to add a partition to an existing user 

For example if I have an association of user thekla to an account ops I 
can set a qos for the existing association:

sacctmgr modify user thekla account=ops set qos=nosubmit
  Modified user associations...
   C = cyclamen   A = ops                  U = thekla

However, I cannot set a partition:

sacctmgr modify user thekla account=ops set partition=gpu
  Unknown option: partition=gpu
  Use keyword 'where' to modify condition

This is not possible?

The only solution I found to that is to delete the association and 
create it again with the partition:

sacctmgr del user thekla account=ops

sacctmgr add user thekla account=ops partition=gpu

Thank you,


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