[slurm-users] Does setting 'job_desc.mail_user' in job_submit.lua work?

Marcus Boden mboden at gwdg.de
Mon Jan 10 11:51:47 UTC 2022

Hi Loris,

I can confirm the problem: I am not able to modify the 
job_desc.mail_user. Other values can be modified, though.

We are also on 21.08.5


On 10.01.22 11:14, Loris Bennett wrote:
> Hi,
> Does setting 'mail_user' in job_submit.lua actually work in Slurm
> 21.08.5?
> I have, if certain conditions are met
>    job_desc.mail_user = other_email_address
> Logging tells me that this part of the code is indeed reached, but the
> email address in the job is not changed.
> Other parts of the plugin work, but they only read other elements of
> job_desc and do not modify anything.
> Am I doing something wrong?
> Cheers,
> Loris

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