[slurm-users] Managing partition resources

Alejandro Acuña alejandro.acunia at iflp.unlp.edu.ar
Wed Aug 31 17:28:20 UTC 2022

Hi all.
Under Slurm 19.05, is there a way to configure partition nodes to submit batch jobs indicating partition only? But...important detail: these job must start in node that is having less work of the partition.
I hope you understand my drama. Under same partition, actually jobs run fine, but they accumulate in the first node and only new jobs use the second one when resources are not enough. Ideally, a job would start on a node with no job (in case there is).
For the record: the only command I found and perform similar is: 
salloc --exclusive [file to submit]
Whit salloc, if user submit same file many times, jobs are distributed in each node of the partition. But, this is not under batch plane.


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