[slurm-users] Rolling reboot with at most N machines down simultaneously?

Tina Friedrich tina.friedrich at it.ox.ac.uk
Thu Aug 4 10:23:12 UTC 2022

I'm thinking something like that currently - setting up some kind of 
TRES resource that limits how many are rebooted at any one time.

I usually do this sort of thing more or less manually; as in, I 
generated a list of sbatch commands with the reboot job (one job per 
node, specifying node name) - ordered to my liking (making sure I always 
have GPUs of type X available, that sort of thing) - and then submitted 
that in batches, waiting for one batch to finish before the next goes in.


On 04/08/2022 06:20, Gerhard Strangar wrote:
> Phil Chiu wrote:
>>     - Individual slurm jobs which reboot nodes - With a for loop, I could
>>     submit a reboot job for each node. But I'm not sure how to limit this so at
>>     most N jobs are running simultaneously.
> With a fake license called reboot?

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