[slurm-users] Can I define and use custom env vars in slurm.conf?

David Henkemeyer david.henkemeyer at gmail.com
Mon Apr 4 22:25:58 UTC 2022

That's exactly what I needed!

Thank you,

On Mon, Apr 4, 2022 at 1:17 PM Brian Andrus <toomuchit at gmail.com> wrote:

> I think you are looking at nodesets:
> From the slurm.conf man:
>     The nodeset configuration allows you to define a name for a specific
> set of nodes which can be used to simplify the partition configuration
> section, especially for heterogenous or condo-style systems. Each nodeset
> may be defined by an explicit list of nodes, and/or by filtering the nodes
> by a particular configured feature. If both Feature= and Nodes= are used
> the nodeset shall be the union of the two subsets. Note that the nodesets
> are only used to simplify the partition definitions at present, and are not
> usable outside of the partition configuration.
> Feature
>     All nodes with this single feature will be included as part of this
> nodeset.
> Nodes
>     List of nodes in this set.
> NodeSet
>     Unique name for a set of nodes. Must not overlap with any NodeName
> definitions.
> Brian Andrus
> On 4/4/2022 1:08 PM, David Henkemeyer wrote:
> If I have a large number of heterogeneously named nodes in my cluster, and
> several partitions that include the same large subset of those nodes, I
> would love to be able to define an env var, and reference that in each
> partition specification.  For instance, say we have the following:
> PartitionName=hipri
>  Nodes=node1,node2,node3,foo1,foo2,bar1,bar3,linux1,linux2,ganymede1,jupiter1,mars1 Default=YES
> MaxTime=INFINITE State=UP PriorityJobFactor=10000
> PartitionName=lopri
>  Nodes=node1,node2,node3,foo1,foo2,bar1,bar3,linux1,linux2,ganymede1,jupiter1,mars1
> MaxTime=INFINITE State=UP
> PartitionName=interactive
> Nodes=node1,node2,node3,foo1,foo2,bar1,bar3,linux1,linux2,ganymede1,jupiter1,mars1
> MaxTime=INFINITE State=UP PriorityJobFactor=20000
> PartitionName=perf        Nodes=perf_node1,perf_node2,snoopy,linus,sally
> MaxTime=INFINITE State=UP PriorityJobFactor=20000
> <etc>
> I would love to be able to say something like:
> NODEPOOL1=node1,node2,node3,foo1,foo2,bar1,bar3,linux1,linux2,ganymede1,jupiter1,mars1
> PERFNODES=perf_node1,perf_node2,snoopy,linus,sally
> PartitionName=hipri       Nodes=$NODEPOOL1 MaxTime=INFINITE Default=YES
> State=UP PriorityJobFactor=10000
> PartitionName=lopri       Nodes=$NODEPOOL1 MaxTime=INFINITE State=UP
> PartitionName=interactive Nodes=$NODEPOOL1 MaxTime=INFINITE
> State=UP PriorityJobFactor=20000
> PartitionName=perf        Nodes=$PERFNODES MaxTime=INFINITE
> State=UP PriorityJobFactor=20000
> Is this possible?
> Thanks,
> David
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