[slurm-users] Building SLURM with X11 support

Thekla Loizou t.loizou at cyi.ac.cy
Fri May 28 06:48:31 UTC 2021

Thank you both for your replies.

Our OS is CentOS 7.7. We have the dependencies installed and also the 
PrologFlags=X11 in the slurm.conf.

Perhaps I am missing some X11 packages? But X11 is working outside SLURM.

When getting interactive access on a node basically I get:

salloc -N1 --x11
salloc: Granted job allocation 4694
salloc: Waiting for resource configuration
salloc: Job allocation 4694 has been revoked.

Also, when compiling SLURM in the config.log I get:

configure:22291: checking whether Slurm internal X11 support is enabled
configure:22306: result:

The result is empty. I read that X11 is build by default so I don't 
expect a special flag to be given during compilation time right?



On 27/5/21 3:23 μ.μ., Ole Holm Nielsen wrote:
>  On 5/27/21 2:07 PM, Thekla Loizou wrote:
>> I am trying to use X11 forwarding in SLURM with no success.
>> We are installing SLURM using RPMs that we generate with the command 
>> "rpmbuild -ta slurm*.tar.bz2" as per the documentation.
>> I am currently working with SLURM version 20.11.7-1.
>> What I am missing when it comes to build SLURM with X11 enabled? 
>> Which flags and packages are required?
> What is your OS?  Do you have X11 installed?
> Did you install all Slurm prerequisites?  For CentOS 7 it is:
> yum install rpm-build gcc openssl openssl-devel libssh2-devel 
> pam-devel numactl numactl-devel hwloc hwloc-devel lua lua-devel 
> readline-devel rrdtool-devel ncurses-devel gtk2-devel libssh2-devel 
> libibmad libibumad perl-Switch perl-ExtUtils-MakeMaker
> see 
> https://wiki.fysik.dtu.dk/niflheim/Slurm_installation#install-prerequisites
> I hope this helps.
> /Ole

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