[slurm-users] Cluster usage, filtered by partition

Diego Zuccato diego.zuccato at unibo.it
Wed May 12 11:30:08 UTC 2021

Il 12/05/21 13:02, Renfro, Michael ha scritto:

> Not sure which raw numbers you’re looking for, but I’m also getting a 
> CSV export from XDMoD to calculate the total number of jobs and CPU 
> hours we’ve completed. Doing that through the API as well.
Good to know. That was in response to the deleted
 > This will only get you the images, though and not the numerical values.

Looking at the docs there's a bit that worries me:
Open XDMoD is not compatible with PHP 7 at this time.
It seems strange, since PHP5 it's been "dead" for quite some time. Maybe 
just usual docrot? :) Anyone using it on PHP7.4 or even 8.0?
PHP5 would be a real showstopper for a public-facing website :(

Anyway, at a first glance, it uses a bit too many technologies for my 
taste (php, java, js...) and could be a problem integrating it in a 
vhost managed by one of our ISPConfig instances. But I'll try it. 
Somehow I'll make it work :)

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