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Greg Wickham greg.wickham at kaust.edu.sa
Wed May 12 09:30:58 UTC 2021

Hi Diego,

Disclaimer: A little bit of shameless self-promotion.

We're using an application I wrote to inject slurm accounting records into a PostreSQL database. The
data is extracted from Slurm using "sacct".

From there it's possible to use SQL queries to mine the raw slurm data.


This tool _only_ injects Slurm data into PostgreSQL, unlike XDMoD (which can do this and more).

However the a big benefit for us is sminer can inject records into an existing database (no need for a separate database).

CSV dumps can be obtained using native PostgreSQL commands.

Graphs are created using python scripts (querying the data) and then plotted with gnuplot.



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    Il 11/05/21 21:20, Renfro, Michael ha scritto:

    > In a word, nothing that's guaranteed to be stable. I got my start from 
    > this reply on the XDMoD list in November 2019. Worked on 8.0:
    Tks for the hint.
    XDMoD seems interesting and I'll try to have a look. But a scientific 
    report w/o access to the bare numbers is definitely a no-no :)

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