[slurm-users] Cray specifc: Removing the craynetwork GRES

Kevin Buckley Kevin.Buckley at pawsey.org.au
Wed May 12 04:23:51 UTC 2021

Our Cray XCs have been running with a node defintion of


in the config for a good while now, even though we have not
activated the "use" of the Gres via the



On our TDS, however, the JobSubmitPlugin was active, and the
upgrade to 20.11.x, and the use of --exact in multi-step jobs
saw us comtemplating the need to tell our user community that
they would need to specify --gres=craynetwork:0 in such jobs
to stop the first srun grabbing all 4!

Thankfully, if we don't activate the plugin. then our user
community don't need to do anything, and maybe don't even
need to know about the craynetwork GRES.

History shows that the various craynetwork-related settings,
both in slurm.conf and gres.conf, come from Cray's add-on


which was used to generate our "seed config" file, way back

I'd like to remove all references to the craynetwork GRES,
in slurm.conf and gres.conf as it doesn't seem to do anything.

My initial testing suggest that this will be OK, but ...

has anyone out there operating a Cray XC, done this, or done
this and found they had to put some craynetwork bits back in
to keep their Crays happy?

Supercomputing Systems Administrator
Pawsey Supercomputing Centre

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