[slurm-users] Conflicting --nodes and --nodelist

Diego Zuccato diego.zuccato at unibo.it
Tue Jun 1 11:15:30 UTC 2021

Hello all.

I just found that if an user tries to specify a nodelist (say including 
2 nodes) and --nodes=1, the job gets rejected with
sbatch: error: invalid number of nodes (-N 2-1)
The expected behaviour is that slurm schedules the job on the first node 
available from the list.
I've found conflicting info about the issue. Is it version-dependant?
If so, we're currently using 18.08.5-2 (from Debian stable). Should we 
expect changes when Debian will ship a newer version? Is it possible to 
have the expected behaviour?


Diego Zuccato
DIFA - Dip. di Fisica e Astronomia
Servizi Informatici
Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna
V.le Berti-Pichat 6/2 - 40127 Bologna - Italy
tel.: +39 051 20 95786

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