[slurm-users] Priority Access to GPU?

Jason Simms simmsj at lafayette.edu
Mon Jul 12 19:35:36 UTC 2021

Dear all,

I feel like I've attempted to track this down before but have never fully
understood how to accomplish this.

I have a GPU node with three GPU cards, one of which was purchased by a
user. I want to provide priority access for that user to the card, while
still allowing it to be used by the community when not in use by that
particular user. Well, more specifically, I'd like a specific account
within Slurm to have priority access; the account contains multiple
accounts that are part of the faculty's lab group.

I have such access properly configured for the actual nodes (priority
preempt), but the GPU (which is configured as a GRES) seems like a beast of
a different color.

Warmest regards,

*Jason L. Simms, Ph.D., M.P.H.*
Manager of Research and High-Performance Computing
XSEDE Campus Champion
Lafayette College
Information Technology Services
710 Sullivan Rd | Easton, PA 18042
Office: 112 Skillman Library
p: (610) 330-5632
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