[slurm-users] Bug: incorrect output directory fails silently

Dries Boers dries.boers at slu.se
Thu Jul 8 14:51:43 UTC 2021

Dear Slurm users,

I wanted to discuss a bug with you, which has troubled me several times. I could not find a discussion about it through Google nor DDG, although it is mentioned here<https://github.com/snakemake/snakemake/issues/134#issuecomment-561185825> in a Snakemake Issue.

When scheduling the following file through sbatch:

#SBATCH --output=dir/slurm-out.log

echo "Hello world"

If `dir/` does not exist, Slurm fails silently after queuing. 'Silently' is bold there, because this is unexpected behaviour to me.

I understand that there is no output file to write an error message to, but it might be good to check the `--output` path during the scheduling, just like `--account` is checked.

Does anybody know a workaround to be warned about the error?

With kind regards,
Dries Boers
PhD candidate at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

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