[slurm-users] How to avoid a feature?

Ryan Cox ryan_cox at byu.edu
Thu Jul 1 17:37:16 UTC 2021


Would a reservation on that node work?  I think you could even do a 
combination of MAGNETIC and features in the reservation itself if you 
wanted to minimize hassle, though that probably doesn't add much beyond 
just requiring that the reservation name be specified by people who want 
to use it.


On 7/1/21 8:08 AM, Brian Andrus wrote:
> All,
> I have a partition where one of the nodes has a node-locked license.
> That license is not used by everyone that uses the partition.
> They are cloud nodes, so weights do not work (there is an open bug 
> about that).
> I need to have jobs 'avoid' that node by default. I am thinking I can 
> use a feature constraint, but that seems to only apply to those that 
> want the feature. Since we have so many other users, it isn't feasible 
> to have them modify their scripts, so having it avoid by default would 
> work.
> Any ideas how to do that? Submit LUA perhaps?
> Brian Andrus

Ryan Cox
Office of Research Computing
Brigham Young University

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