[slurm-users] Cluster nodes on multiple cluster networks

Sajesh Singh ssingh at amnh.org
Fri Jan 22 21:17:28 UTC 2021

Thank you for the recommendation. Will try that out. Unfortunately the on-prem nodes cannot reach the head node via the public IP


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I don't believe the IP address is required- if you can configure a DNS/hosts entry differently for cloud nodes you can set:

   SlurmCtldhost = controllername

Then have "controllername" resolve to the private IP for the controller for the on-prem cluster, the public IP for the nodes in the cloud.  Theoretically anyway- I haven't run a config like that and I'm not sure how the controller will react to such a configuration (i.e. getting slurm traffic on both interfaces).

If the on-prem nodes can reach the public IP address of the controller it may be simpler to use only the public IP for the controller, but I don't know how your routing is set up.


 - Michael

On Fri, Jan 22, 2021 at 11:26 AM Sajesh Singh <ssingh at amnh.org<mailto:ssingh at amnh.org>> wrote:
How would I deal with the address of the head node defined in the slurm.conf as I have it defined as


The private.ip.addr address is not reachable from the cloud nodes


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You would need to have a direct connect/vpn so the cloud nodes can connect to your head node.

Brian Andrus
On 1/22/2021 10:37 AM, Sajesh Singh wrote:
We are looking at rolling out cloud bursting to our on-prem Slurm cluster and I am wondering how to deal with the slurm.conf variable SlurmctldHost. It is currently configured with the private cluster network address that the on-prem nodes use to contact it. The nodes in the cloud would contact the head node via its public IP address. How can I configure Slurm so that both IPs are recognized as the head node?


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