[slurm-users] Questions regarding slurm scheduler plugin

Kaiyue Wu kaiyuewu at sjtu.edu.cn
Thu Jan 14 02:18:53 UTC 2021


We want to modify a job's priority right after it is submitted automatically in slurm. Job submit plugin was considered, but it seems it haven't even had the jobid of a new job yet (probably because the job have't actually been submitted yet), while we need to use scontrol with jobid to get the path to the job's submission script, so I'm considering other plugins. 

Scheduler plugin is considered. I find there is a function slurm_sched_p_initial_priority in scheduler plugin to change the default priority of a newly submitted job, but still wonder when this function will get called. Besides, is there any way to compile and deploy a scheduler plugin separately like job submit plugin?

Thank you and look forward to your reply.

Best wishes,
Kaiyue Wu

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