[slurm-users] Updated "pestat" tool for printing Slurm nodes status including GRES/GPU

Ole Holm Nielsen Ole.H.Nielsen at fysik.dtu.dk
Mon Dec 13 12:09:55 UTC 2021

Hi Slurm users,

I have updated the "pestat" tool for printing Slurm nodes status with 1 
line per node including job info.  The download page is 
(also listed in https://slurm.schedmd.com/download.html).


* The GRES/GPU output option "pestat -G" now prints the job gres/gpu 
information as obtained from squeue's tres-alloc output option, which 
should contain the most correct GRES/GPU information.

If you have a cluster with GPUs, could you try out the latest version and 
send me any feedback?

Thanks to René Sitt for helpful suggestions and testing.

The pestat tool can print a large variety of node and job information, and 
is generally useful for monitoring nodes and jobs on Slurm clusters.  For 
command options and examples please see the download page.  My own 
favorite usage is "pestat -F".


Ole Holm Nielsen
PhD, Senior HPC Officer
Department of Physics, Technical University of Denmark

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