[slurm-users] Failed to forward X11 with a remote scheduler

Jeremy Fix Jeremy.Fix at centralesupelec.fr
Tue Dec 7 14:05:03 UTC 2021


I'm unsuccessful in running an X11 application with a remote
SlurmctldHost. Let us call myfrontalnode the node from which the user is
running the slurm commands that is different from the host SlurmctldHost.

What fails is the following :

    ssh -X myfrontalnode

    srun --x11 xclock

which returns a "Can't open display: localhost:56.0"

If I run the xclock with a ssh -X on the compute node (even the same
allocated by slurm with the above srun), it works. Namely, the following
works :

    ssh -X myfrontalnode

    ssh -X mycomputenode xclock

The xclock is correctly displayed on my local host;

Also, If I connect to the SlurmctldHost and then srun --x11 it works as
well. I believe there is something I did not configure correctly on the

Thank you for your help;

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