[slurm-users] free resources

Ole Holm Nielsen Ole.H.Nielsen at fysik.dtu.dk
Thu Aug 26 07:47:42 UTC 2021

On 26-08-2021 09:34, Pankaj Dorlikar wrote:
> However, sinfo -t idle /sinfo -t mix is only giving the node names which are
> idle/mix. To get exact number of cpus / gpus, what command need to be used.

If sinfo doesn't show what you want, perhaps you can try installing my 
"pestat" command from 

The pestat can display very many job and node properties, see "pestat 
-h".  To display GPU resources available and used, try this one:

$ pestat -t mix -G
Select only nodes with state=mix
GRES (Generic Resource) is printed after each jobid
Hostname       Partition     Node Num_CPU  CPUload  Memsize  Freemem 
GRES/node     Joblist
                             State Use/Tot  (15min)     (MB)     (MB) 
              JobID(JobArrayID) User GRES/job ...
     s002          sm3090      mix  64  80    8.15*   191000   156548 
gpu:RTX3090:10 3941466 s184362 gpu:RTX3090:1 3941465 s184362 
gpu:RTX3090:1 3941387 s184362 gpu:RTX3090:1 3940065 s184362 
gpu:RTX3090:1 3939748 s184362 gpu:RTX3090:1 3939743 s184362 
gpu:RTX3090:1 3941386 s184362 gpu:RTX3090:1 3941385 s184362 gpu:RTX3090:1

> showbf -S
> backfill window (user: 'root' group: 'root' partition: ALL) Thu Aug 26
> 12:53:23
> 410 procs available for       3:57:21
> 218 procs available for       9:38:20
> 194 procs available for    1:10:51:51
> 192 procs available with no timelimit

Again, the Maui command "showbf -S" is undocumented!  Do you have 
documentation for it?


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> On 26-08-2021 08:01, Pankaj Dorlikar wrote:
>> We are using slurm-20.11..7 on ubuntu system having GPUs. What is the
>> equivalent of "showbf -S" in maui or any command in slurm for checking
>> the free resources ?
> Maybe "sinfo -t idle"?
> The showbf manual doesn't document any -S flag:
> https://docs.adaptivecomputing.com/maui/commands/showbf.php

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