[slurm-users] Spurious OOM-kills with cgroups on 20.11.8?

Roger Moye rmoye at quantlab.com
Tue Aug 10 21:11:22 UTC 2021

Do you know if the job is actually being killed?   We had an issue on an older version of slurm whereby we got OOM errors but the tasks actually completed.  The OOM came when the job exited and was a false error.

Also, there are several bug reports open right now about an issue similar to what you have described.   You can go to bugs.schedmd.com to look at those bug reports.


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Subject: [slurm-users] Spurious OOM-kills with cgroups on 20.11.8?

Hi all,

Has anyone else observed jobs getting OOM-killed in 20.11.8 with cgroups that ran fine in previous versions like 20.10?

I've had a few reports from users after upgrading maybe six weeks ago that their jobs are getting OOM-killed when they haven't changed anything and the job ran to completion in the past with the same memory specification.

The most recent report I received today involved a job running a "cp" command getting OOM-killed. I have a hard time believing "cp" uses very much memory...

These machines are running various 5.4.x or 5.3.x Linux kernels.

I've had really good luck with the cgroups OOM-killer the last few years from keeping my nodes getting overwhelmed by runaway jobs. I'd hate to have to disable it just to clean up these weird issues.

My cgroup.conf file looks like the following:





Should I maybe bump AllowedRamSpace? I don't see how this is any different than just asking the user to re-run the job with a larger memory allocation request. And that doesn't explain why jobs suddenly need more memory before getting OOM-killed than they used to.




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