[slurm-users] how to temporarily avoid node being suspended by SuspendProgram

Brian Andrus toomuchit at gmail.com
Tue Aug 10 15:41:07 UTC 2021

Certainly, set:

  * *SuspendExcNodes*: List of nodes to never place in power saving
    mode. Use Slurm's hostlist expression format. By default, no nodes
    are excluded.

Then do 'scontrol reconfigure'
Repeat when you want them to be included

Brian Andrus

On 8/10/2021 5:46 AM, Josef Dvoracek wrote:
> hi @list,
> Sometimes I work/test something on some compute node, having it 
> drained in slurm.
> After SuspendTime passes, such a node is suspended by SuspendProgram, 
> sometimes exactly in same time when I'm e.g. compiling something on it.
> Is there any way how I can temporarily disable powersaving mechanism 
> for particular node/noderange?
> I'm aware that there is SuspendExcNodes configuration parameter, but 
> AFAIK it cannot be applied/changed without slurmctld restart.
> cheers
> josef
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