[slurm-users] how to temporarily avoid node being suspended by SuspendProgram

Josef Dvoracek jose at fzu.cz
Tue Aug 10 12:46:17 UTC 2021

hi @list,

Sometimes I work/test something on some compute node, having it drained 
in slurm.

After SuspendTime passes, such a node is suspended by SuspendProgram, 
sometimes exactly in same time when I'm e.g. compiling something on it.

Is there any way how I can temporarily disable powersaving mechanism for 
particular node/noderange?

I'm aware that there is SuspendExcNodes configuration parameter, but 
AFAIK it cannot be applied/changed without slurmctld restart.



Josef Dvoracek
Institute of Physics | Czech Academy of Sciences
cell: +420 608 563 558 | https://telegram.me/jose_d | FZU phone nr. : 2669

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