[slurm-users] slurmd -C vs lscpu - which do I use to populate slurm.conf?

David Henkemeyer david.henkemeyer at gmail.com
Wed Apr 28 22:34:43 UTC 2021

I'm working on populating slurm.conf on my nodes, and I noticed that slurmd
-C doesn't agree with lscpu, in all cases, and I'm not sure why.  Here is
what lscpu reports:

Thread(s) per core:  2
Core(s) per socket:  2
Socket(s):           1

And here is what slurmd -C is reporting:

NodeName=devops2 CPUs=4 Boards=1 SocketsPerBoard=1 CoresPerSocket=4
ThreadsPerCore=1 RealMemory=9913

Why is there a discrepancy?  Which should I use to populate slurm.conf?

The OS of this machine is Centos 8.

Thank you,
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