[slurm-users] In high availability scenario, what is the best way to synchronize state files with scontrol takeover command?

Ole Holm Nielsen Ole.H.Nielsen at fysik.dtu.dk
Mon Apr 19 10:03:30 UTC 2021

Hi wenxiaoll at 126.com,

I think it is safer to get some experience with Slurm *without* using 
initially a High Availability setup for the slurmctld server.

I highly recommend you to study the SchedMD presentations available in the 
page https://slurm.schedmd.com/publications.html.  In particular, the 
paper from 2018:

* Technical: Field Notes Mark 2: Random Musings From Under A New Hat, Tim 
Wickberg, SchedMD

The pages from page 26 "Cluster Architecture - Typical Linux Cluster" 
discuss the Slurm High Availability setup.

Please note that for High Availability slurmctld, you must configure the 
SaveStateLocation directory on a separate High Availability storage system 
which can be mounted by both slurmctld hosts.


On 4/19/21 10:39 AM, 刘文晓 wrote:
> There is a problem when dealing with Slurm's high availability.
> Now, In my env, I store the state file in the local hard disk for Ctld 
> nodes, and use a shell script referencing the output of "scontrol ping" to 
> sync files with interval time (2s, if making the time shorter then it will 
> influence the server throughput),
> When I test Slurm HA, found it will use about configured time in 
> slurm.conf to do the HA action by heartbeat method,
> but it will cost between 2.5s to 3s, with the command "scontrol takeover 1".
> The shell script method will work well in scenario 1.
> But In the second scenario,  I found it is not a good way for 
> synchronizing the state file from the main Ctld to the new main Ctld.
> I have several questions at below:
> 1. what's your favorite way to do HA dealing with state files? On the 
> Slurm website, I did not find useful messages.
> 2. what's the best way with a shell script to sync state files? I go 
> through the code about parameters of "SlurmctldPrimaryOffProg" and 
> "SlurmctldPrimaryOnProg", found the OffProg is better to do do the last 
> time sync operation, is my idea ok for this scenario?

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