[slurm-users] In high availability scenario, what is the best way to synchronize state files with scontrol takeover command?

刘文晓 wenxiaoll at 126.com
Mon Apr 19 08:39:34 UTC 2021

Hi list,

There is a problem when dealing with Slurm's high availability. 
Now, In my env, I store the state file in the local hard disk for Ctld nodes, and use a shell script referencing the output of "scontrol ping" to sync files with interval time (2s, if making the time shorter then it will influence the server throughput),

When I test Slurm HA, found it will use about configured time in slurm.conf to do the HA action by heartbeat method, 
but it will cost between 2.5s to 3s, with the command "scontrol takeover 1".

The shell script method will work well in scenario 1. 
But In the second scenario,  I found it is not a good way for synchronizing the state file from the main Ctld to the new main Ctld.

I have several questions at below:
1. what's your favorite way to do HA dealing with state files? On the Slurm website, I did not find useful messages.
2. what's the best way with a shell script to sync state files? I go through the code about parameters of "SlurmctldPrimaryOffProg" and "SlurmctldPrimaryOnProg", found the OffProg is better to do do the last time sync operation, is my idea ok for this scenario? 



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