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Heckes, Frank heckes at mps.mpg.de
Tue Apr 13 12:04:58 UTC 2021

Hello Ole,

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> >>>    * (average) queue length for a certain partition
> I wonder what exactly does your question mean?  Maybe the number of jobs or
> CPUs in the Pending state?  Maybe relative to the number of CPUs in the
> partition?
This result from a mgmt. - question. How long jobs have to wait (in s, min, h, day) before they getting executed and 
how many jobs are waiting (are queued) for each partition in a certain time interval. 
The first one is easy to find with sacct and submit, start counts + difference + averaging.
The second is a bit cumbersome, so I wonder whether a 'solution' is already around. The easiest way is to monitor from the beginning and store the squeue ouput for later evaluation. Unfortunately I didn’t do that.


> The "slurmacct" command prints (possibly for a specified partition) the
> average job waiting time while Pending in the queue, but not the queue length
> information.
> It may be difficult to answer your question from the Slurm database.  The sacct
> command displays accounting data for all jobs and job steps, but not directly
> for partitions.
> There are other Slurm monitoring tools which perhaps can supply the data you
> are looking for.  You could ask this list again.
> /Ole

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