[slurm-users] seff Not Caluculating

Diego Zuccato diego.zuccato at unibo.it
Tue Sep 15 08:14:30 UTC 2020

Il 10/09/20 22:19, Jason Simms ha scritto:

> I've found that when I run seff, it fails to report calculated values, e.g.:
I didn't know seff. Quite interesting. Same problem detected.
I'm neither Perl nor Slurm expert so I'm quite sure there's a better way
to do it, but I "fixed" it by changing at line  66:
my $ncpus = $job->{'alloc_cpus'};
my $ncpus = $job->{'req_cpus'};

And at ~ line 106:
	my $lmem = $step->{'stats'}{'rss_max'};
    	my %hash = split /[,=]/, $step->{'stats'}{'tres_usage_in_max'};
    	my $lmem=$hash{'2'}/1024;

It seems to give meaningful results, for some value of "meaningful" :)
Corrections accepted.


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