[slurm-users] Slurm versions 20.02.5 is now available

Tim Wickberg tim at schedmd.com
Thu Sep 10 21:09:55 UTC 2020

We are pleased to announce the availability of Slurm version 20.02.5.

This includes an extended set of fixes of varying severity since the 
last maintenance release was made a month ago.

Slurm can be downloaded from https://www.schedmd.com/downloads.php .

- Tim

Tim Wickberg
Chief Technology Officer, SchedMD LLC
Commercial Slurm Development and Support

> * Changes in Slurm 20.02.5
> ==========================
>  -- Fix leak of TRESRunMins when job time is changed with --time-min
>  -- pam_slurm - explicitly initialize slurm config to support configless mode.
>  -- scontrol - Fix exit code when creating/updating reservations with wrong
>     Flags.
>  -- When a GRES has a no_consume flag, report 0 for allocated.
>  -- Fix cgroup cleanup by jobacct_gather/cgroup.
>  -- When creating reservations/jobs don't allow counts on a feature unless
>     using an XOR.
>  -- Improve number of boards discovery
>  -- Fix updating a reservation NodeCnt on a zero-count reservation.
>  -- slurmrestd - provide an explicit error messages when PSK auth fails.
>  -- cons_tres - fix job requesting single gres per-node getting two or more
>     nodes with less CPUs than requested per-task.
>  -- cons_tres - fix calculation of cores when using gres and cpus-per-task.
>  -- cons_tres - fix job not getting access to socket without GPU or with less
>     than --gpus-per-socket when not enough cpus available on required socket
>     and not using --gres-flags=enforce binding.
>  -- Fix HDF5 type version build error.
>  -- Fix creation of CoreCnt only reservations when the first node isn't
>     available.
>  -- Fix wrong DBD Agent queue size in sdiag when using accounting_storage/none.
>  -- Improve job constraints XOR option logic.
>  -- Fix preemption of hetjobs when needed nodes not in leader component.
>  -- Fix wrong bit_or() messing potential preemptor jobs node bitmap, causing
>     bad node deallocations and even allocation of nodes from other partitions.
>  -- Fix double-deallocation of preempted non-leader hetjob components.
>  -- slurmdbd - prevent truncation of the step nodelists over 4095.
>  -- Fix nodes remaining in drain state state after rebooting with ASAP option.

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