[slurm-users] update or fresh install slurm 20.x

Felix Farcas felix at itim-cj.ro
Fri May 1 07:21:35 UTC 2020


I did install a new server ARC-CE with slurm-20.x

I installed only one node for testing.

On my old nodes I do have slurm-17.x

Now I am asking, if I am going to move my old nodes to the new sever 
with slurm.20.x do i have to remove old slurm and install the new one, 
or the two version can function together?

Thank you


Dr. Ing. Farcas Felix
National Institute of Research and Development
of Isotopic and Molecular Technology,
IT - Department - Cluj-Napoca, Romania
yahoo id: felixfarcas
skype id: felix.farcas
mobile: +40-742-195323

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