[slurm-users] Slurm on GCP Scripts v3 Now Available

Brian Christiansen brian at schedmd.com
Thu Mar 19 23:24:18 UTC 2020

Google and SchedMD are pleased to announce the V3 release of the
slurm-gcp scripts. Check it out at:

* Multi-partition configurations
   * Customize instance types, max number of nodes, region, and zone
per partition
* Terraform Integration <Beta Release> (This will be the default
deployment solution going forward)
* Storage Mounting Flexibility (Lustre, GCSFuse, NFS, CIFS)
* User-defined service accounts
* Specify external SQL database location (e.g. CloudSQL)
* Stackdriver (Cloud Logging & Monitoring) Integration
   * Installed on controller and compute instances
   * Captures syslog and slurmctld/slurmd logs
* Setup clusters without external IPs
   * SSH access proxied through IAP Tunneling
* Nodes configured to be able to run the same number of jobs as
virtual cpus (previously half the cpus)
* Install Open MPI with Slurm integration
   * Be able to run mpi programs with srun
* Faster GPU setup
* Script parameters moved to config.yaml
   * Easier to setup on on-premise side

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google-cloud-slurm-discuss at google.com
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