[slurm-users] Slurmctld caching extended gid?

Luis Huang lhuang at NYGENOME.ORG
Tue Mar 3 17:47:48 UTC 2020

Recently encountered an odd issue where some users were getting sporadic permission denied on certain directories with their stderr/stdout. We realized that this was caused by a change in their nested group permissions on AD several days ago.

At first we thought it was the compute nodes themselves so we cleared sssd, restarted slurmd and even restarted the node completely. This did not resolve the issue. User was able to ssh directly onto the nodes and access the directories, this issue only manifest itself when the jobs were going through slurm.

We later read on slurm.conf:
By default the slurmctld will lookup and send the user_name and extended gids for a job, rather than individual on each node as part of each task launch. Which avoids issues around name service scalability when launching jobs involving many nodes. Using this option will reverse this functionality.

We checked sssd and getent on the slurmctld for the users and they were resolving correctly. The fix was to clear sssd and restart slurmctld.

I’m wondering if the slurmctld does some kind of caching with the extended gids and if there were a better way of handling this?


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