[slurm-users] Reset FairShare?

Jason Simms simmsj at lafayette.edu
Mon Jul 27 18:17:45 UTC 2020

Dear all,

Apologies for the basic question. I've looked around online for an answer
to this, and I haven't found anything that has helped accomplish exactly
what I want. That said, it is also probable that what I am asking isn't a
best practice, or isn't actually necessary, etc. I'd welcome any advice.

My question is, how can I reset a user's FairShare number? Specifically,
I'm asking about the last column displayed by default when typing: sshare -a

If I want to reset a user's value for that to 1, so that they are back at
"top priority," I'm unclear how to do that.

When I type:

sacctmgr modify user <username> set FairShare=1

That seems actually to update the RawShares column! I guess this (kind of)
makes sense, since apparently I can set FairShare=parent, so it's clear
that command is not used to update the last column (the one titled
FairShare); so confusing!

Is the actual FairShare column a calculated value that is immutable? My
understanding, however, is that it is that value that controls a user's job
priority. We do have job priority scheduling configured and it *seems* to
be working as intended, I'm just not sure how to "reset" a given user's
priority weighting.

I do have PriorityDecayHalfLife=7 set in slurm.conf, and this does
decrement the RawUsage column appropriately, but even when that reaches 0,
the FairShare value doesn't change.

Warmest regards,

*Jason L. Simms, Ph.D., M.P.H.*
Manager of Research and High-Performance Computing
XSEDE Campus Champion
Lafayette College
Information Technology Services
710 Sullivan Rd | Easton, PA 18042
Office: 112 Skillman Library
p: (610) 330-5632
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