[slurm-users] [EXT] Weird issues with slurm's Priority

zaxs84 sciuscianebbia at gmail.com
Wed Jul 8 08:47:26 UTC 2020

> Can you see if it is set? Using (e.g. scontrol show job 337475 or sacct -j
> 337475 -o Timelimit)

At the moment my users don't set the TimeLimit, because they don't know how
long their jobs will take. If I check with sacct -o TimeLimit, I get :


Is not setting a TimeLimit a bad thing with this configuration?
Do you know how I can instruct the backfill scheduler NOT to run smaller
jobs before my high priority job? Because what's happening right now is
that all my high priority jobs are held in "PD" state, and low-priority
jobs are still run.

Many thanks!
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