[slurm-users] save job comment into job completion data

Fred Liu Fred_Liu at issi.com
Mon Jul 6 08:09:26 UTC 2020

I put job completion info into a MySQL database from which I can keep a thorough job history. The job accounting (without -c) database can’t hold a long history.

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On 7/5/20 5:42 PM, Fred Liu wrote:
> It looks job comment won't be saved into job completion data, for I can't see it when I use sacct -c
> But I can see it when I use sacct(without -c).
> Is it possible to make it work?

The sacct manual page explains the -c parameter:

-c, --completion
Use job completion data instead of job accounting. The JobCompType
parameter in the slurm.conf file must be defined to a non-none option.

I'm not familiar with the job comment field, but you say that it is
printed without -c with the job accounting data. Why do you want or
expect this to work with the job completion data?


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