[slurm-users] sshare RawUsage vs sreport usage

Stephan Schott schottve at hhu.de
Thu Aug 20 08:36:39 UTC 2020

Hi fellow Slurm users,
We are facing the following issue in Slurm 18.08 of Ubuntu Bionic (a
Qlustar cluster). For the last 2+ months, one of our users has been using
the queue intensively, using array jobs to handle his work. Now, the
problem there is that for some reason his RawUsage hasn't increased (and is
in fact close to 0), and hence his Fairshare factor is mistakenly high. The
curious thing of it all is that the usage reported in sreport fits
quite well with what we have seen in the last weeks.
What can cause this kind of discrepancy? All users are configured in the
same way, and are using more or less the same partitions. The only
difference I saw was the usage of array jobs instead of normal batch jobs,
but I have no idea why that would cause differences; we are now running
some tests to check if that is actually the case.
Any ideas are welcome,

Stephan Schott Verdugo

Heinrich-Heine-Universitaet Duesseldorf
Institut fuer Pharm. und Med. Chemie
Universitaetsstr. 1
40225 Duesseldorf
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