[slurm-users] sacct -c not honor -M clusrername

Fred Liu Fred_Liu at issi.com
Mon Apr 27 02:21:22 UTC 2020

This way is an alternative for “-c”.
Is it possible make “-c“ work with “-M”?



发件人: Sudeep Narayan Banerjee <snbanerjee at iitgn.ac.in>
发送时间: 星期一, 四月 27, 2020 12:33 上午
收件人: Slurm User Community List; Fred Liu
主题: Re: [slurm-users] sacct -c not honor -M clusrername

Dear Fred: should be possible

sacct --format=user,state --starttime=04/01/19 --endtime=03/31/20 | grep COMPLETED

Please let us know if this helps.

Thanks & Regards,
Sudeep Narayan Banerjee
System Analyst | Scientist B
Information System Technology Facility
Academic Block 5 | Room 110
Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar
Palaj, Gujarat 382355 INDIA

On 26/04/20 9:27 pm, Fred Liu wrote:


Is it possible to get job completion stats per cluster?


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