[slurm-users] Drain a single user's jobs

David Rhey drhey at umich.edu
Wed Apr 1 12:19:49 UTC 2020

Hi Mark,

I *think* you might need to update the user account to have access to that
QoS (as part of their association). Using sacctmgr modify user <foo> + some
additional args (they escape me at the moment).

Also, you *might* have been able to set the MaxSubmitJobs at their account
level to 0 and have them run without having to do the QoS approach - but
that's just a guess on my end based on how we've done some things here. We
had a "free period" for our clusters and once it was over we set the
GrpSubmit jobs on an account to 0 which allowed in-flight jobs to continue
but no new work to be submitted.



On Wed, Apr 1, 2020 at 5:57 AM Mark Dixon <mark.c.dixon at durham.ac.uk> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm a slurm newbie who has inherited a working slurm 16.05.10 cluster.
> I'd like to stop user foo from submitting new jobs but allow their
> existing jobs to run.
> We have several partitions, each with its own qos and MaxSubmitJobs
> typically set to some vaue. These qos are stopping a "sacctmgr update user
> foo set maxsubmitjobs=0" from doing anything useful, as per the
> documentation.
> I've tried setting up a competing qos:
>    sacctmgr add qos drain
>    sacctmgr modify qos drain set MaxSubmitJobs=0
>    sacctmgr modify qos drain set flags=OverPartQOS
>    sacctmgr modify user foo set qos=drain
> This has successfully prevented the user from submitting new jobs, but
> their existing jobs aren't running. I'm seeing the reason code
> "InvalidQOS".
> Any ideas what I should be looking at, please?
> Thanks,
> Mark

David Rhey
Advanced Research Computing - Technology Services
University of Michigan
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