[slurm-users] Different Memory Nodes

Tina Fora tfora at riseup.net
Wed Sep 4 17:51:58 UTC 2019

Thanks Brian! I'll take a look at weights.

I want others to be able to use them and take advantage of the large
memory when free. We have a preemptable partiton below that works great.

   AllowGroups=ALL AllowAccounts=ALL AllowQos=scavenge,abc
   AllocNodes=ALL Default=NO QoS=scavenge
   DefaultTime=NONE DisableRootJobs=NO ExclusiveUser=NO GraceTime=0 Hidden=NO
   MaxNodes=1 MaxTime=4-00:00:00 MinNodes=1 LLN=NO MaxCPUsPerNode=UNLIMITED
   PriorityJobFactor=10 PriorityTier=10 RootOnly=NO ReqResv=NO
   OverTimeLimit=NONE PreemptMode=GANG,SUSPEND

> (Added a subject)
> Tina,
> If you want group xxx to be the only ones to access them, you need to
> either put them in their own partition or add info to the node
> definitions to only allow certain users/groups.
> If you want them to be used last, so they are available until all the
> other nodes are in use, you can add weights to the node definitions.
> This would mean users could request >192GB memory, so it has to go to
> one of the updated nodes, which will only be taken if the other nodes
> are used up, or a job needing > 192GB is running on them.
> Brian Andrus
> On 9/4/2019 9:53 AM, Tina Fora wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm adding a bunch of memory on two of our nodes that are part of a
>> blade
>> chassis. So two computes will be upgraded to 1TB RAM and the rest have
>> 192GB. All of the nodes belog to several partitons and can be used by
>> our
>> paid members given the partition below. I'm looking for ways to figure
>> out
>> how only group xxx (the ones paying for the memory upgrade) can get to
>> them.
>> PartitionName=member
>>     AllowGroups=ALL AllowAccounts=ALL AllowQos=xxx,yyy,zzz
>>     AllocNodes=ALL Default=NO QoS=N/A
>>     DefaultTime=NONE DisableRootJobs=NO ExclusiveUser=NO GraceTime=0
>> Hidden=NO
>>     MaxNodes=1 MaxTime=5-00:00:00 MinNodes=1 LLN=NO
>>     Nodes=a[01-05,11-15],b[01-20]
>>     PriorityJobFactor=500 PriorityTier=500 RootOnly=NO ReqResv=NO
>> OverSubscribe=NO
>>     OverTimeLimit=NONE PreemptMode=OFF
>>     State=UP ...
>> Say compute a01 and a02 will have 1TB memory and I want group xxx to be
>> able to get to them quickly using the partition above.
>> Thanks,
>> Tina

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