[slurm-users] can't get fairshare to be calculated per partition

Igor Feghali igor.feghali at gmail.com
Thu Oct 31 14:39:05 UTC 2019

hello ryan

thank you for your reply. it appears that you are right, i had created
associations for every project, user and partition and thats how `sshare`
looks like now:

  1   account                 user       part3b          1    0.003623
      0      0.000000   0.999950
  2   account                 user       part1b          1    0.003623
      0      0.000000   0.999950
  3   account                 user        part3          1    0.003623
      0      0.000000   0.999950
  4   account                 user        part2          1    0.003623
      0      0.000000   0.999950
  5   account                 user        part1          1    0.003623
    840      0.000001   0.999819
  6   account                 user                       1    0.003623
   2973      0.000003   0.999485

so as far as I understand the fair share value for the associated
partitions were inherited from the association user/account and then get
decreased from there as user runs jobs for a given partition. in the
example above i had ran a few jobs in part1 so that's why its fair share
value is a bit smaller. but I am not sure when is it going to reset to 1.0.
does fair share calc follow PriorityDecayHalfLife and
PriorityUsageResetPeriod ?

I am sorry if those kind of questions are already answered somewhere, but I
really can't find many information about fair share calculation in the
documentation and/or man pages. I'll be glad to read whatever you point me
to about that subject.

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