[slurm-users] can't get fairshare to be calculated per partition

Ryan Cox ryan_cox at byu.edu
Wed Oct 30 14:45:54 UTC 2019

Fairshare is calculated based on an "association".  If you look in the 
manpage for sacctmgr under ENTITIES, you will see:
               The  entity  used  to  group information consisting of 
four parameters: account, cluster, partition (optional), and user.

Users can have entries for multiple partitions, thus making each of 
those entries a separate association.  I have played with this before 
but don't remember it well enough to be helpful, so you'll have to 
familiarize yourself with the sacctmgr manpage.  IIRC it's very similar 
to creating a user, it's just that it has the same username but 
partition=somepartition3.  Things don't change for how the user 
interacts with the system.

This is not the easiest thing to work with since every user would need 
each partition (at the least the ones you care about) to be defined for 
them.  At least that's my recollection of it, and I could be wrong.


On 10/30/19 5:22 AM, Igor Feghali wrote:
> Makes sense but in case I can guarantee no job will ever request more 
> than one partition isn’t there any work around to get fairshare 
> calculated per partition ?
> Em ter, 29 de out de 2019 às 18:34, Christopher Samuel 
> <chris at csamuel.org <mailto:chris at csamuel.org>> escreveu:
>     On 10/29/19 12:42 PM, Igor Feghali wrote:
>     > fairshare is been calculated for the entire cluster and not per
>     partition.
>     That's correct - jobs can request multiple partitions (and will
>     run in
>     the first one available to service it).
>     All the best,
>     Chris
>     -- 
>        Chris Samuel  : http://www.csamuel.org/ :  Berkeley, CA, USA

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