[slurm-users] Running mix versions of slurm while upgrading

Tony Racho tracho at cray.com
Mon Oct 21 01:52:21 UTC 2019


We are planning to upgrade our slurm cluster however we plan on NOT doing it in a one-go.

We are on 18.08.7 at the moment (db, controller, clients)

We'd like to do it in a phased approach.

Stop communication between controller and slurmdbd while updating slurmdbd to 19.05.X.

Concurrently, we will update our primary controller to 19.05.X while the back-up controller will take-over the primary's chores. (and then the back-up controller will also be upgraded to 19.05.X)

Once primary controller has been updated to 19.05.X, obviously it assumes back the cluster but the clients will still be 18.08.7 will there be any issues with this set-up and consequently if this works, we will choose a subset of clients and upgrade them to 19.05.X while the others will be on 18.08.7 until all the clients have been upgraded to 19.05.X.

My question is will the process/set-up above work? Will the clients still be able to communicate to the controller without any unintended effect or issues? Has anyone done this process?

Once all the controllers and clients are upgraded to 19.05.X, resume communication between the controllers and the slurmdbd.

While doing the upgrade the following scenario will take place.

slurmdbd - 19.05.X (but not communicating with the controllers)
slurmctld - 19.05.X
{slurmd..} - 18.08.7
{slurmd..}- 19.05.X

Thanks all for your feedback/comments.

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