[slurm-users] Slurm Fairshare / Multifactor Priority

Christoph Brüning christoph.bruening at uni-wuerzburg.de
Wed May 29 15:07:42 UTC 2019

Hi Chad,

for us (also running slurm 17.11), the crucial point was the balance 
between PriorityWeightFairshare, PriorityWeightAge and PriorityMaxAge.

We set the PriorityWeightAge high (higher than PriorityWeightFairshare, 
in fact), so that even a job by some power user will eventually be the 
first in the queue and can't be sort of DDoS-ed by jobs from little-used 
The question then is: How long must that job have already been waiting 
in the queue?

Consider the following simplified account tree:
  /  \
  A  B
/ \ |

When the cluster is basically occupied by X, this also has an impact on 
Y's fair share value. This can lead to a situation where the difference 
between X's and Y's fair share value is pretty small, even though Y has 
hardly used any resources.
With a low value of PriorityMaxAge, the situation is basically FIFO 
between X and Y, as X's jobs only need a couple of hours (or even less) 
in the queue to compensate the difference in fair share priority.

We're currently running with the following settings, and since the 
increase of PriorityMaxAge to three weeks it works fine:


For the array jobs, you can set MaxArraySize. But remember to increase 
MaxJobCount as well!


On 29/05/2019 16.17, Julius, Chad wrote:
> All,
> We rushed our Slurm install due to a short timeframe and missed some 
> important items.  We are now looking to implement a better system than 
> the first in, first out we have now.  My question, are the defaults 
> listed in the slurm.conf file a good start?  Would anyone be willing to 
> share their Scheduling section in their .conf?  Also we are looking to 
> increase the maximum array size but I don’t see that in the slurm.conf 
> in version 17.  Am I looking at an upgrade of Slurm in the near future 
> or can I just add MaxArraySize=somenumber?
> The defaults as of 17.11.8 are:
> #SchedulerAuth=
> #SchedulerPort=
> #SchedulerRootFilter=
> #PriorityType=priority/multifactor
> #PriorityDecayHalfLife=14-0
> #PriorityUsageResetPeriod=14-0
> #PriorityWeightFairshare=100000
> #PriorityWeightAge=1000
> #PriorityWeightPartition=10000
> #PriorityWeightJobSize=1000
> #PriorityMaxAge=1-0
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