[slurm-users] How do I impose a limit the memory requested by a job?

David Baker D.J.Baker at soton.ac.uk
Tue Mar 12 16:31:27 UTC 2019


I have set up a serial queue to run small jobs in the cluster. Actually, I route jobs to this queue using the job_submit.lua script. Any 1 node job using up to 20 cpus is routed to this queue, unless a user submits their job with an exclusive flag.

The partition is shared and so I defined memory to be a resource. I've set default memory/cpu to be 4300 Mbytes. There are 40 cpus installed in the nodes and the usable memory is circa 17200 Mbytes -- hence my default mem/cpu.

The compute nodes are defined with RealMemory=190000, by the way.

I am curious to understand how I can impose a memory limit on the jobs that are submitted to this partition. It doesn't make any sense to request more than the total usable memory on the nodes. So could anyone please advise me how to ensure that users cannot request more than the usable memory on the nodes.

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PartitionName=serial nodes=red[460-464] Shared=Yes MaxCPUsPerNode=40 DefaultTime=02:00:00 MaxTime=60:00:00 QOS=serial SelectTypeParameters=CR_Core_Memory DefMemPerCPU=4300 State=UP AllowGroups=jfAccessToIridis5 PriorityJobFactor=10 PreemptMode=off

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