[slurm-users] Slurm --mail-to setup help

Christopher Benjamin Coffey Chris.Coffey at nau.edu
Mon Mar 11 23:57:47 UTC 2019


Hah! Just reread the man page.

If you use this: 

Domain name to qualify usernames if email address is not explicitly given with the "--mail-user" option. If unset, the local MTA will need to qualify local address itself.

Shouldn't need to worry about the .forward stuff if you set that to your campus/lab email domain. You'd still need most of the postfix config though. Don't think I saw that when I set this up a while back.



Christopher Coffey
High-Performance Computing
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On 3/11/19, 3:04 PM, "slurm-users on behalf of Julius, Chad" <slurm-users-bounces at lists.schedmd.com on behalf of Chad.Julius at sdstate.edu> wrote:

    I am new to Slurm and was just wondering if someone has a link or info on getting Slurm to send mail to users.  Are you using sendmail, postfix or ???.  I have been asked to get the --mail-user option working but I am not sure how Slurm
     ties into mail.  Does mail have to listen for messages from Slurm?  What changes have to be made to slurm.conf? 
    Any thoughts, help out there?

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