[slurm-users] Failed to launch jobs with mpirun after upgrading to Slurm 19.05

Levi Morrison levi_morrison at byu.edu
Fri Jun 7 14:15:23 UTC 2019

See Tim Wickberg's comment and patch from this morning 
(https://bugs.schedmd.com/show_bug.cgi?id=7191#c7); especially:

 > Some variant of this patch - albeit with a warning message added in 
to note that --cpu-bind is the correct spelling - will be in 19.05.1 
when released, and supported through the 19.05 release cycle.

Levi Morrison

On 6/7/19 2:23 AM, Andrés Marín Díaz wrote:
> Good morning, thank you very much to all for helping us find the problem.
> I join Levi's proposal to reverse the change.
> Is there any way to temporarily patch the slurm code 19.05 while 
> analyzing the proposal so that you do not have to patch and recompile 
> the different versions of OpenMPI?
> Thank you very much again.

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