[slurm-users] Failed to launch jobs with mpirun after upgrading to Slurm 19.05

Andrés Marín Díaz amarin at cesvima.upm.es
Fri Jun 7 08:23:54 UTC 2019

Good morning, thank you very much to all for helping us find the problem.

I join Levi's proposal to reverse the change.

Is there any way to temporarily patch the slurm code 19.05 while 
analyzing the proposal so that you do not have to patch and recompile 
the different versions of OpenMPI?

Thank you very much again.

  Andrés Marín Díaz
  Servicio de Infraestructura e Innovación
  Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
  Centro de Supercomputación y Visualización de Madrid (CeSViMa)
  Campus de Montegancedo. 28223, Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid (ES)
  amarin at cesvima.upm.es | tel 910679676
  www.cesvima.upm.es | www.twitter.com/cesvima | www.fb.com/cesvima

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